Abraham Usque

Abraham Usque was born in Portugal, where educated with the precepts of the Talmud by his Pays, sahio one of the majors teachers of the errors of the Synagogue. His eloquence was to penetrate the Litteral sense of the Bible, and to make it more intelligible to the Jews, who assisted in the salvation of Spain and Holland, the translation of the Hebrew text into the Spanish language, and dedicated it to Hercules of this Duke of Ferrara, and sahio printed in gothic character with this title:

Biblia en lengua Española translated word for word of the Hebrew truth by very excellent Lawyers, seen and examined by the Officio of the Inquisition. in fol. Ferraræ. Sumptibus Yom Tob Atias anno mundi 5313. Christi. 1553.

This translation is word for word of the Original, and it is no longer obscure to perceive by the use of a Hespanola language, which is only to be found in the Synagogues. Foy second time printed in Ferrara, and in the end have these words. With industry of Duarte Pinel Portuguez stampata to coast, and speza of Geronimo de Vargas Spanish on March 1, 1553. In this edition sahio with a few words changed to be more intelligible, but the first is much more valuable. as Father Richardo Simon writes in Hist. Crit. V et. Test. liv. 5. chap. 19. Sahio third time printed by diligence of Manasse Ben Israel in Amsterdaõ fifteenth Sabbati 5390, which corresponds to the year of Christo 1630. Bartoloccio in Bib. Rabbin. Part. I. pag. 49. n. 103. & Part. 3. p. 785. n. 706. writes that Abraham Usque had done this translation together with his companion Yom Tob Atias, but Wolfio in the Bib. Hebræa pag. 31. n. 49. they oppose this opinion by affirming that it was made by other Jews, being printed by diligence of Abrahus Usque, as is taken from the edition of Ferrara, which in the end has these words.

To glory, and praise of our Lord, this Bible is finished in the Spanish language translated from the real Hebraic origin by very excellent lawyers with industry, and diligence of Abrahan Usque Portuguez stamped in Ferrara at cost, and speza of Yom Tob Atias son of Levi Atias Spanish on 14 de Adar de 5313. Porém always reconceives Wolfio, who naõ pòde Abrahõ Us to be private gives glory of travalhar muito mesta traducçaõ, as Richard says. Simon in Di sq. Crit. of var. Bib. Edition. chap. 14. dizendo: Verisimile est Abrahamum Usque Judæum è Lusitania in adornanda hac translatione Hispana sibi prævios habuisse Doctors, who before illius tempora Bible in Sinagogis hebraicè, & hispanice perlegerant, adeò ut plerasque illorum voices usurpaverit. Compoz mais

Order of the Rites of the Feast of the Year; New, and Atonement. Ferrara 1554. 4.

Além de Wolfio, Barolocio, and Simon became lembraõ of Abrahõ Usque, Le Long. in Bib. Sacr. Part 2. pag. 124. Morery Diccionair. Historique, Magna Biblioth. Eccles. p. 32. co. 1.